Referendum Answers

Short Answers to Popular Questions about Scottish Independence


Q. Just how well off is Scotland? 

A. Actually, we're the 14th wealthiest country in the world.

Eh? That can't be right. If we're the 14th wealthiest country in the world, how come we've got food banks and thousands of children living below the poverty line?

Well, right now we're only notionally wealthy, because we don't get to keep all the money we raise. It all gets sent to Westminster which then decides how much of our own money we get back. A bit like pocket money really. But if we were independent, we'd keep all the money we raised, which would make us 14th richest in the world, ahead of the UK (18th), France (17th), and Japan (19th).

So don't let anyone tell you that Scotland is too poor to be independent. When we're independent, we'll keep all the money we raise to spend on things like elimiinating child poverty and the bedroom tax. We'll  have more money for schools and our NHS, which, unlike England, we're keeping in public hands and free. We'll save money too, because we wouldn't have to pay for replacing Trident, or for the unelected House of Lords, or for the HS2 railway that isn't coming to Scotland, or for London's Crossrail.

Instead, we'll plan for the Scotland we want for us and our children. And unlike many countries around the world, we'll have the money to pay for it.