Referendum Answers

Short Answers to Popular Questions about Scottish Independence


Q. Why should I vote for Alex Salmond and the SNP on September 18th?

A. Great news, you're not! You're voting for Scottish independence.

It's true. When you vote on September 18th, you're voting to reclaim our independence. That's it.

You can vote Yes for independence and prosperity and a better future for you and your children and their children. Or you could vote No for the same old same old to continue as a country that's increasingly different from England and the rest of the UK but unable to do anything about it.

And the SNP and Alex Salmond? Honestly, you really are not voting for them or him. Here's why. When we vote Yes we're voting for Scotland to regain her independence. But the next Scottish general election isn't until 2016, when you can vote for anyone you want. SNP if you will. Tories if you like. The point is that the party that wins the 2016 Scottish general election will form the first government of an independent Scotland.

So your vote on September 18th 2014 is for independence for Scotland. Nothing more, nothing less. Your vote in the general election in 2016 will be for the first government of an independent Scotland. And that's when you can vote for Alex Salmond, or anyone else you fancy.