Referendum Answers

Short Answers to Popular Questions about Scottish Independence

Independence Day

Q. If we vote Yes on September 18th, would we be independent the next day?

A. Not quite. We wouldn't actually become independent until 2016

Voting Yes is the first step on the road to independence. But becoming independent will take a wee while. The Scottish government has set out a timetable that sets Independence Day for March 2016, just before we hold our first independent Scottish general election (in which, by the way, you'll be able to choose the first independent Scottish government, which might not be an SNP one - it'll be the one that you vote for).

This transition period is needed to give time to sort out the transfer of responsibilities from London to Edinburgh. Things like the division of oil revenues, military bases and overseas assets. Whether to continue with co-operative and shared arrangements with the rest of the UK, such as the DVLA for instance. Our share of the UK debt also needs sorting, and of course the timetable needs to be agreed for the speediest safe removal of nuclear weapons from Scotland.

So there would be a lot to be done before our Independence Day, but what an exciting time it will be.


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